TOTW: Apparat_PV

I have just noticed that I haven’t put any music by Apparat as my track of the week and after listening to his most recent album I thought it was about time I should give him some credit for his solo work outside of Moderat.

For me Apparat is one of the most interesting electronica producers working today, managing to create his own sound with a heavy use of strings its beautiful stuff indeed.

I’m a huge fan of all of his work and although this track wouldn’t have been the first one I would usually play people as its less accessible than some of his other work. It is my favourite track from his most recent album and therefore the one I’m listening to the most which makes it take pride of place as my track of the week.

His current album is actually edited versions of his music for a play of war and peace and strips away a lot of his usual electronic sounds for classical instrumentation. PV develops slowly with an ominous opening of what sounds like a mix between a broken squeezebox and audio static. Slowly elements of strings, woodwind, vocal samples and finally piano are added before it breaks into a driving drumbeat at 3:50. It’s this driving line that really makes the track stand out and become something to anticipate on repeat listens. I highly recommend it:

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