TOTW: Furry Hands_The Moon Is A Face And I Saw Its Teeth

In the modern era of computer music limitations can be a good thing. You can now carry a laptop and have access to hundreds of gigabytes worth of sample librarys featuring  thousands of instruments and synths that can realistically create almost any sound imaginable.

Although a blessing all this choice can leave you in a bit of a creative quagmire. You can spend so long tweaking the way a track sounds it never gets finished. That’s when limiting the equipment you use to a few things really speeds up workflow.

The OP1 is a small portable synthesiser by teenage engineering. Apart from looking really cool it has the tools to create full songs. To prove this a Cologne based electronic collective called Noorden released “Rumble when Bumble” a compilation album from different artists using purely the OP1.

And it’s from this album i found this track by Furry Hands. All i know is that they are “a group of musicians and photographers based in Helsingborg, Sweden” and that I like their music which is all made using the OP1.

There’s something about the way this track slowly develops that really gets to me. I have always been a fan of organ and pad sounds created by synthesisers and these slowly layer developing into something delicate and blissful before it turns into a more jagged percussive track that staggers and pops its way to its conclusion:

If you like what you hear Furry Hands have a collection of albums available to download from there bandcamp page available here:

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