TOTW: The eels_Susan’s House

The eels have been around for over 15 years and in that time have created a large verity of music spanning different ideas and genre. I have seen them live several times and yet each time don’t quite know what to expect. You could be going to see the frontman Mark Oliver Everett (E) in a suit and being accompanied by a large string section, as an denim dungaree wearing two piece with a drummer or even as a traditional four piece rock band.

All the eels albums vary greatly and yet they all seem part of a whole. Partly because of E’s voice but also because of the brilliantly written lyrics which fit into the different styles the eels perform in.

If you haven’t heard the eels and like what you hear, they are a great band to get into. There’s a lot of material to go throughand you can clearly hear them evolve through the albums which are all worth a listen.

So lets start near the beginning, Susan’s house is on their first album “beautiful freak”:

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