TOTW: Mgmt_Congratulations

MGMT have just announced a new album with Dave Fridmann back in the producers seat and it’s made me very exited.

They were catapulted into the limelight with the first album “Oracular Spectacular”.¬†Which has the instantly recognisable singles “Time to pretend” and “kids” at the start but then went more psychedelic towards its conclusion. Including the track “of moons birds and monsters” thats simply sublime.

Following this they released Their second album “Congratulations” which saw a departure from the pop hits to something far more guitar driven and psychedelic. It isn’t as easily accessible as there first and suffered airplay because of it, but on multiple listens it’s another great record.

One of the reasons I’m such a fan of MGMT is they seem to stick to their own artistic integrity. Modern pop has a way of becoming diluted to make it more manageable to the masses as bands try to keep their success. MGMT have always felt like they were nurturing their own thing rather than adapting it to the whims of their label and I greatly respect them for it.

Here’s the title track from their second album which somehow manages to blend the line of being both uplifting and depressingly self reflecting:

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