TOTW: Belong_I Never Lose. Never Really

On their debut EP “October Language” Belong Play with repetition and distortion. The tracks themselves follow a fairly simple repeated structure which overtime devolves into distortion and noise. It works particularly well on the opening track “I Never Lose, Never Really” which seems to encompass their ideas perfectly.

We start with a melody that feels fairly uplifting but as the track progresses and more distorted harmonics are added it begins to feel constrictive to the point of overwhelming.

By the two-minute mark were treated to a true wall of sound, which seems to slowly collapse in on itself by the end of the track.

Over the years I have played this track on occasion. There is something about their control of something which seems uncontrollable that makes it worth a listen and the complexity of the tracks textures mean you can never truly work out whats going on:



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