TOTW:Burial_Rough Sleeper

Plenty has been said about Burial by many different areas of the media and its easy to see why. He appeared out of nowhere with a fully developed and original sound on his self titled debut album in 2006. This mix of extremely polished production and his anonymity made him become a major talking point.

6 years later and the dust has settled on the speculation but he’s been no flash in the pan. He has developed a unique sound, creating something that both stays fresh and yet is distinctively his. The new EP/Single “Truant, Rough Sleeper” Has longer and more harmonically focused tracks, without loosing that sparse sound he’s become notorious for.

Although I love both tracks, it’s the development of rough sleeper that really does it for me, the use of organ and saxophone really makes the track feel fresh and the constant stop and start of the track keeps you on your toes. 14 minutes of fantastic and unique music:


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