TOTW: Shout Out Louds_Hard Rain

There are tracks that connect with people. For everyone they’re different, shaped by our past experience and connections we are attracted to certain Music which latches itself to us. It can bring us back to a moment or connect to our raw emotions in a way other mediums couldn’t achieve, especially within the same timeframes.

For me finding those tracks is the golden ticket. It’s almost an addiction and I spend hours of my time and a large percentage of my income doing so.

When I originally heard the shout out louds with their first single the comeback I was hooked, their ability to write pop songs that were both upbeat and melancholic really struck a chord with me and the track was regularly on rotation way back in 2004 which was then extended by the release of their first album in 2005.

It’s the finale of their second album that I consider to be their finest work to date. Everything seems to just work for me, The instruments and vocals blend together in a way that’s so natural it sounds effortless and we get this slow progression to a crescendo of distorted guitar reminiscent of the post rock genre. This mix of effortless melody driven by a strong beat from the drums and bass really gives the track a natural feel that makes it infinitely replayable.

Hard Rain is that golden ticket, it does everything I could want from this type of music and it hasn’t worn off in the 5 years of repeat listens, I hope you can get as much from it as I do:




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