TOTW: Aphex Twin_ Rhubarb

I know Ambient music isn’t for everyone, all of it isn’t for me. But at it’s best with its simple structures and interesting soundcapes, it can become something that connects to us in a very tribal way. The simplicity can seep its way through our concious thought and deep into our raw emotions.

Personally I find this very interesting. How little can an artist do and still have the desired affect of a listener feeling something? Does complexity in music actually act as a barrier separating ourselves from what was felt in its creation? By adding to the fundamentals of a track do you loose something?

Ambient music does a great job of asking these questions to the listener. It doesn’t reach out and grab you but at the same time It never bores you, even on repeat listens. Behaving like a pallet cleanser for your eardrums.

There are many artists that do it well and I expect to add a few over the following months to Track Of The Week. This week it goes to Aphex twin who has created some fine examples in his Selected Ambiant works albums. Through listening to them on the train Rhubarb really stood out to me. It envelops you with its rich textures and I find it deeply comforting, like waking up in bed and knowing you can lie in for an hour.

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