TOTW:Moderat_Les Grandes Marches

Moderat haven’t released an album since there debut in 2009 and from what they have said in the past it didn’t look hopeful that they would.

Made from two successful acts (Apparat, Modeselektor) it was reported that their opinions on music creation and how to do it, resulted in a seven year gap between their first EP and their album.

So it was a surprise to hear that they are working together again on a new album last month. Something I greatly anticipate.

I think its partly due to the two styles of electronica and methods of creating it that make Moderat so good, You get the Beats of Modeselektor with the evolving organic sounds of Apparat, resulting in music that is original and yet catchy. It has made their album, although ancient by electronica standards, still as forward thinking and fresh as ever.

Here’s an instrumental track from the album entitled Les Grandes Marches:



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