Building Bass Part 3: drilling holes

Building Bass Step 3 drilling holes

So the bass has been varnished and the new cavity made as shown in my previous posts, but there were two things that needed doing to the body.

The first was to carve a hole into the bottom of the bass to slide my new jack plug into. The hole on the scratch plate that formerly held the jack plug can now, conveniently, be used for the 3rd pot to control tone on the bass.

The second was to drill a second hole from the new cavity into the side cavity where the pots will be. This allowed cabling from the pickups to go from the cavity to the pots without being visible on the top of the bass body. The main problem we predicted would be the angle of how we could drill between the cavities. Then we realised that if we drilled through the body into the side cavity and used that hole with a smaller drill as the access point to drill between the other cavities, we could do it reasonably well without causing damage to either cavities.

Unfortunately, our angle was slightly off and we nicked the paint-work on the bass, resulting in a bit of paint being chipped off, but its something I will cover with a sticker anyway when the bass is finished.

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