ConfettiTusnmai – Made In Japan

In mid may 2017 I visited Japan. It had always been a huge influence for me culturally. It’s music, movies and video games have been key parts of my childhood. They showed me an alternative viewpoints on the world, expanding my understanding of cultures and I dreamed of visiting the country. That dream became the goal of visiting Japan before my 30th birthday. A goal I managed to achieve by the skin of my teeth spending my 30th in Japan.

This album is composed from the field recordings and song ideas I recorded during the few weeks I spent in Japan which I then embellished over the next three years to finish the album. Originally It was supposed to be a document for my holiday to Japan but as I’ve spent more time working on and mixing the album I started to realise it is just as much about my life leading up to that point.

Japan was a turning point in my life where things came together, the disappearance of my youth into adulthood and This album reflects it in a way I never intended. I’m proud of what I achieved on the record but it wouldn’t have came together without the fantastic help (and ears) of Mark Chadwick who did the mastering on all the tracks making the album what it is.

I hope you enjoy the work and get something from it. It’s available to stream, download and pay what you like on bandcamp.